Technical Information
32A x 6 x 16A32 Amp 3 phase plug6 no. 16A 1PH  sockets
32A x 3 x 32A32 Amp 3 phase inlet socket3 no. 32A 1PH  sockets
63A x 6 x 32A63 Amp 3 phase inlet socket6 no. 32A 1PH  sockets
125A x 21 x 16A/32A125 Amp 3 phase inlet socket12 no. 16A 1ph + 6 no. 32A 1PH

+ 1  no. 63A 3PH + 2 no. 32A 3PH sockets

125A x 4 x 32A63A125 Amp 3 phase inlet socket2 no. 32A 3PH + 2 no.63A 3PH sockets
400A x 4 x 63A/125A400 Amp 3 phase powerlocks2 no. 63A 3PH + 2 no. 125A 3PH sockets

Distribution Boxes

A full range of Power Distribution Boxers are available for a variety of applications including the film, event and entertainment industries.  These durable rubber boxes minimise set up time on site and provide a safe and reliable power distribution system in all weather conditions. All boxes comply with UK and European regulations and are fully MCB/RCN protected.

  • 32A Power Distro Box
  • 63A Power Distro Box
  • 125A Power Distro Box
  • 400A Power Distro Box
Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra DayWeekly
32A x 6 x 16A£72.00
32A x 3 x 32A£72.00
63A x 6 x 32A£87.00
63A x 6 x 16/32A£87.00
63A x 15 x 16/32A£103.00
125A x 21 x 16A/32A£107.00
125A x 4 x 32A/63A£107.00
400A x 4 x 63A/125A£169.00

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