Technical Information
Working Height 20.15m
Platform Height 18.15m
Outreach max. 11.13m
Platform Capacity 250kg
Width 2.33m
Platform Size 1.83 x 0.79m
Weight 8300kg
Stowed Height 2.57m


Electric Artic Boom 20m

The All-Electric Artic Boom is the epitome of emission-free and quiet operation for reaching heights of up to 20 meters. This remarkable machine combines the impressive reach characteristics of standard boom lifts with a range of distinct advantages.

Operating solely on electric battery power, it ensures a silent and eco-friendly workplace, making it ideal for indoor environments and noise-sensitive areas. Equipped with non-marking tyres, it protects your floors and surfaces while ensuring smooth and agile movement. Plus, its unique feature of continuous 360° rotation provides unmatched flexibility in positioning and reaching.

Economical to run, our All-Electric Artic Boom offers both versatility and sustainability, ensuring you can tackle a wide range of tasks efficiently and without compromising on environmental responsibility.

  • Fully electric (battery) operated
  • Quiet & emission free
  • Non-marking tyres
  • 360° continuous rotation

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