Technical Information
Load Capacity 12 cups 400kg
Rotation 360°
Tilting 90°
Weight N/A

Curved Glass Lifting Vacuum – 400kg – 40215

When it comes to installing curved glass panels with precision and care, our Curved Glass Lifting Vacuum is the ultimate solution. Crafted with multiple round suction pads, it excels in handling both concave and convex curved glass panels. What sets it apart is its adaptability, as it can be customized to accommodate various curvature radius glass with two adjustable positions.

Experience unparalleled control with continuous manual 360° rotation, allowing seamless positioning of the glass. Safety is paramount, thanks to the dual vacuum circuits that provide redundancy and reliability during lifting operations. This curved glass lifting vacuum is purpose-built for the unique challenges of curved glazing units, ensuring that you can tackle these installations with confidence and ease.

  • Continuous manual 360° rotation
  • Dual vacuum circuits
  • Perfect for lifting curved glazing units

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