Technical Information
8′ x8.6′
Length 2.4m / 2.57m
Width 1.6m / 1.67m
Height 2.63m
Water tank capacity 400l
Waste tank capacity 500l
Fuel tank capacity 53l
Toilet type full flush mains
Solar power 480W
Hot water & heat fuel consumption 50ml per hour
Run time on full charge 25 uses per day – 24 days (no solar)
Run time on solar 25 uses per day – 240 days (March-September)

Introducing the Future of Sanitary Solutions: The Self-Contained Solar Toilet from KDM Hire

In an era where sustainability is not just appreciated but essential, KDM Hire is proud to present our innovative Self-Contained Solar Toilet. This state-of-the-art eco toilet is a testament to our commitment to providing eco-friendly and efficient solutions for events, construction sites, and remote locations where traditional facilities are inaccessible.


Product Overview

Our Self-contained Solar Toilet is a marvel of modern engineering, designed to offer complete sanitary services without the need for mains water, electricity, or sewage connections. Measuring 8′ x 8.6′, with a spacious interior that includes a full flush mains toilet, this eco toilet is equipped with a 400l water tank and a 500l waste tank, ensuring long-lasting service without frequent maintenance.


Key Features and Benefits

Solar and Battery Powered

Equipped with a 480W solar panel system and batteries, our self-contained solar toilet harnesses the power of the sun to provide energy for lighting and to operate an efficient diesel heating system, making it a truly green solution.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

With a fuel tank capacity of 53l and an incredibly efficient diesel heating and hot water system, it boasts very low fuel consumption and minimal CO2 emissions, aligning with your environmental values.

Long-Lasting Service

Capable of supporting 25 uses per day for up to 24 days without solar input and up to 240 days from March to September with solar assistance, our self-contained solar toilet block is designed for longevity and reliability.

Fully Flushing Toilet

Despite its remote capabilities, it offers the comfort and hygiene of a fully flushing mains toilet, ensuring a pleasant and clean experience for all users.


Why Choose KDM Hire’s Self-Contained Solar Toilet?


Our self-contained solar toilets are a testament to sustainable innovation, reducing the carbon footprint of your event or project.


The ability to operate independently of mains connections makes it perfect for use in remote or undeveloped sites.

Comfort and Hygiene

Offers the comfort of a traditional bathroom in an eco-friendly package, ensuring users have access to clean and comfortable facilities.


Our self-contained solar toilets are ideal for a wide range of applications, from outdoor events and festivals to construction sites and temporary workspaces.


Embrace the future of outdoor and remote sanitation with KDM Hire’s Self-Contained Solar Toilet. For more information or to discuss your needs with our expert team, contact us today. Let’s make your next project or event not only successful but also sustainable.


Frequently Asked Questions about Self-Contained Solar Toilets

Q. Are Solar Loos Placed on Site Subject to Building Regulations?

Solar loos, or self-contained solar toilets, placed on site are generally not subject to traditional building regulations due to their portable and temporary nature. However, their installation and use must comply with local health and safety standards, as well as environmental regulations concerning waste management and sanitation. It’s important to consult with local authorities or planning departments to ensure all necessary guidelines and requirements are met, especially for long-term installations or use in sensitive locations.

Self-contained Solar Toilet

This unique solar toilet offers a practical and eco-friendly solution when sanitary facilities are required but no access to mains water, electric or sewage connection are available.

Solar panels on the roof along with batteries provide enough energy for the lights and to power an efficient diesel heating system.

  • Eco-friendly toilet solution
  • Solar & battery energy system
  • Efficient diesel heating & hot water system
  • Very low fuel consumption & CO2 emissions      
  •  Fully flushing mains toilet
  • Long run tank capabilities

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