Technical Information

Pedestrian Gate

Dimensions 1,151mm x 2,000mm 40mm
Weight 14.4kg

Vehicle Gate

Dimensions 4,261mm x 2000mm x 40mm
Weight 32kg

Double Flat Metal Foot

Dimensions 595mm x 122mm x 175mm
Weight 1.8kg

Fence Stabiliser

Dimensions 988mm x 150mm x 1,487mm
Weight 2.5kg

Pedestrian Barrier Gate

Dimensions 2,266mm x 2,143mm x 452mm
Weight 18.7kg


Fencing Accessories – 20230

We have a comprehensive range of fencing accessories available to hire including; pedestrian gates, vehicle gates, double flat metal feet, fence stabilisers and pedestrian barrier gates.

Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
Pedestrian Gate £9.80
Vehicle Gate £19.40
Double Flat Metal Foot £3.10
Fence Stabiliser £3.10
Pedestrian Barrier Gate £15.00

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