Technical Information
S W L Goods250kg
S W L Personnel150kg
SWL Fall Arrest150kg
Heightmin 1.78/max 2.73m
Widthmin 1.30m/max 1.87m
Weight (tripod only)17kg

Tripod Access System

Lower good or personnel below ground safely using this sturdy versatile tripod. A fitted winch can be used for either lowering or raising personnel or materials while an auto decent fall arrest block is used to assure the safety of the person being lowered.

  • Lower or raise goods or personnel below ground
  • Fall arrest safety devise fitted as standard
Accessories Available
Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra DayWeekly
Tripod Access System£91.00£45.00£182.00
Rescue/Descent Harness£21.00£39.00£42.00

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