Tracked & Self-levelling Scissor Lifts

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Tracked & Self-levelling Scissor Lifts

Enhance Your Worksite Efficiency with Our Tracked & Self-Levelling Scissor Lifts

At KDM Hire, we offer a premium selection of self-levelling scissor lifts designed to provide safe and efficient elevated access for a variety of applications. Our self-levelling platforms and tracked scissor lifts ensure stability and ease of use on uneven terrain, making them ideal for construction, maintenance, and industrial projects. Available for rental, our scissor lifts are a cost-effective solution for achieving optimal working heights with enhanced safety and productivity.


Key Features and Benefits

Self-Levelling Technology

Our tracked & self-levelling scissor lifts are equipped with advanced technology that automatically adjusts the platform to remain level, even on uneven or sloped surfaces. This feature ensures a stable working environment, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing efficiency on site.


Versatile Applications

These lifts are suitable for a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Construction: Perfect for reaching high areas for installations, inspections, and repairs.
  • Maintenance: Ideal for facility management tasks such as lighting maintenance, HVAC system access, and general repairs.
  • Industrial Use: Provides safe access to elevated work areas in factories and warehouses.


Tracked & Self-Levelling Scissor Lifts

Our tracked & self-levelling scissor lifts offer superior traction and mobility on rough or uneven terrain, making them an excellent choice for outdoor projects. The robust tracks provide stability and ensure the lift can navigate challenging ground conditions with ease.

Specifications and Capabilities

  • Height and Reach: Our tracked & self-levelling scissor lifts offer impressive working heights, enabling you to reach elevated areas safely and efficiently.
  • Load Capacity: Designed to support substantial weights, our platforms can accommodate multiple workers and their tools, enhancing productivity.
  • Compact Design: Despite their capabilities, our scissor lifts maintain a compact footprint, allowing for easy transport and manoeuvrability in confined spaces.


Why Choose KDM Hire for Scissor Lift Rental?

Flexible Rental Options

We provide flexible rental terms tailored to your project needs. Whether you require a scissor lift for a day, a week, or several months, our rental options are designed to provide you with the equipment you need for the duration of your project.

Quality and Reliability

Our fleet of tracked & self-levelling scissor lifts is regularly maintained and inspected to ensure optimal performance and safety. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality equipment that you can rely on for your elevated access needs.

Expert Support

Our team of knowledgeable professionals is here to assist you in selecting the right scissor lift for your specific requirements. From initial consultation to delivery and setup, we provide comprehensive support to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Convenient Locations

With our range of tracked & self-levelling scissor lifts available to hire from our Cookstown, Castlereagh, Dublin & Mallusk depots, our customers are always within reach! Our far-reaching presence ensures fast delivery and reduced transportation costs, allowing you to receive your equipment promptly and keep your project on schedule.


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Ready to enhance your worksite efficiency with our tracked & self-levelling scissor lifts? Contact KDM Hire today to discuss your rental needs. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with the best lifting solutions, ensuring you achieve your project goals safely and efficiently.