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Material handling & Forklift Hire

A wide variety of forklifts and material handling equipment is available to hire on a long, short or fixed-term basis, suitable for most applications. With lifting capacities of up to 12t and lift heights up to 30m, we can offer you the solution to your handling requirements.

Forklift Hire at KDM Hire: Elevating Efficiency in Every Task

In the dynamic world of industrial operations, the need for reliable and efficient material handling equipment is paramount. KDM Hire stands at the forefront of providing comprehensive forklift hire solutions, catering to a wide array of industry requirements. Our selection of forklifts for hire is meticulously curated to meet the diverse needs of construction companies, warehouses, and other industrial sectors.

Versatile Range for All Applications

Our fleet includes a variety of forklift trucks, telescopic forklifts, rotating and heavy lift telehandlers, as well as site forklifts and loaders. Each piece of equipment is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Forklift Hire Near Me

Understanding the varying needs of different projects, KDM Hire offers flexible rental options. Whether it’s a short-term requirement or long-term forklift hire, our team is adept at providing tailored solutions that align with your project timelines and budget constraints. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses seeking forklift hire near me, ensuring they have access to quality equipment whenever and wherever needed.

Advanced Features

The forklifts in our fleet are not just about lifting and moving materials. They come equipped with advanced features to enhance safety, efficiency, and ease of use. From intuitive control systems to ergonomic designs, every aspect of our forklifts is designed to boost productivity and reduce operational fatigue.

Support & Training Available

At KDM Hire, we believe in not just providing equipment but also ensuring that our clients can use them effectively and safely. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to equip operators with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle forklifts proficiently. Additionally, our dedicated support services ensure that any queries or technical issues are promptly addressed.

Convenient Locations and Accessibility

With strategically located depots in Cookstown, Belfast, Dublin, and other key locations, accessing our forklift hire services is convenient. This network of depots ensures that we can provide prompt and efficient service across Northern Ireland (NI) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI), making us a go-to choice for businesses in these regions.

KDM Hire’s forklift rental services are designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of modern industries. With our extensive range, flexible hire options, and unwavering commitment to quality and service, we are poised to be your trusted partner for all your forklift hire needs.


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