Technical Information
8 x 4 toilets VIP / Executive Toilets
Length 3.3m 6.6m
Width 2.44m 2.85m
Height 0.51m 0.53m
Capacity 3447l 9960l

Integrated Waste Tanks

For locations lacking sewage connections, we offer integrated waste tanks that seamlessly fit beneath the toilet cabin, enabling easy waste disposal. You can choose between tanks with or without integrated steps, the latter providing a convenient all-in-one solution with effortless toilet access.

Our waste tanks come in two sizes, 3500 and 10000 litres, catering to the specific needs of your toilet facility. These tanks are designed for practicality and efficiency, ensuring a hassle-free and sanitary solution for sites or areas where conventional sewage connections are unavailable. Whether it’s for temporary events or permanent installations, our integrated waste tanks offer a reliable and convenient waste management solution.

  • Locates neatly under the toilet cabin
  • Integrated steps included

Waste removal & replenishment service can be provided

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