Technical Information
ROPS Cabbed
Capacity 6,000kg 6,000kg
Length 5.05m 5.05m
Width 2.25m 2.25m
Height 2.90m 3.30m
Max Dump Height 1.12m 1.12m
Weight 4,840kg 4,840kg
Product Code 20700 20700
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Thwaites 6t Dumper Spec Sheet

6t Swivel Dumper – 20700

Our 6T Swivel Dumpers are your solution for efficiently placing bulk loads in challenging, hard-to-reach spots. They offer the unique advantage of allowing discharge at a 90° angle to the direction of travel, simplifying tasks like trench filling and concrete pouring.

Choose from cabbed or ROPS versions to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize operator comfort and protection or require a more open configuration, we have the right dumper for you.

With these 6T swivel dumpers, you gain a versatile and practical addition to your equipment fleet. They streamline the process of handling and discharging materials in tight or awkward spaces, ensuring you can complete your tasks with efficiency and precision.

  • Cabbed or ROPS versions available
  • Discharge at 90° to the direction of travel

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