Technical Information
Max Lifting Capacity 2,250kg
Width 950mm
Length 2,260mm
Height 1,760mm
Weight 1,950kg
Power Source Electric, 2 batteries

Electric Pick & Carry Crane: The Ultimate Lifting Solution

KDM Hire introduces the 2T Electric Pick & Carry Crane, designed to revolutionize lifting tasks with its compact size, impressive power, and environmental efficiency. Ideal for a vast range of applications, this crane ensures operational excellence across construction sites, industrial settings, and any project demanding precise and clean lifting capabilities.#


Features and Advantages

  • Versatile Performance: Capable of handling diverse lifting operations with ease, ensuring projects proceed smoothly and efficiently.
  • Eco-Conscious Lifting: Powered by electric batteries, it offers a sustainable choice that reduces emissions and noise, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Space-Efficient Design: Its compact size enables operation in tight spaces, making it the ideal choice for projects with spatial constraints.
  • Seamless Operation: Engineered for ease of use, it provides a reliable lifting solution that’s both powerful and manoeuvrable.


Hire Options

  • Flexible Hire Terms: Whether you need it for a short-term project or longer-term use, our pick & carry crane hire services are tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our electric pick & carry crane hire options offer an economical alternative to purchasing, providing the performance you need with minimal investment.


Why Choose KDM Hire?

Choosing KDM Hire means selecting a partner committed to providing top-tier equipment and support. Our electric pick & carry cranes are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring reliable and efficient performance for your project. With KDM Hire, you gain:

  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment
  • Flexible hiring solutions
  • Support from our expert team
  • A commitment to sustainability


Ready to Elevate Your Project?

Explore how our 2T Electric Pick & Carry Crane can make a difference in your operations. For more details contact our team directly. At KDM Hire, we’re dedicated to equipping your projects with the best in lifting technology, ensuring efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility.

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Pick & Carry Spec Sheet

Pick & Carry Crane, 2t Electric

These Pick & carry cranes are designed to operate in confined spaces, capable of a wide range of lifting tacks. With an impressive 2.25 tonne lifting capacity they are still narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway. Suitable for industrial applications where machinery needs moved or for construction sites to carry out glass installations or material lifting tasks where safety and efficiency are essential.

  • Fitted with 900mm fly jib for extra versatility
  • Maximum lifting capacity 2250 kg
  • Non-marking tyres for use in clean environments
  • Battery powered – fume free
  • Visual and audible load safety indicators
  • Designed for indoor and confined space operation


  • Construction
  • Machinery moving
  • Glass installation
  • Curtain walling
  • Factory maintenance
  • Artwork installation
  • Facilities management
  • Manufacturing

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