Technical Information

Ground Protection Mats

Dimensions (W x H) 2.4m x 1.2m
Weight 33kg
Material 100% recycled PVC


Stillage Quantities 

Stillage Quantity Weight Full
Track Mats 20 615kg


Ground Protection Mats at KDM Hire

At KDM Hire, we understand the importance of preserving ground integrity in construction and event management. That’s why we offer an extensive range of ground protection solutions designed to safeguard surfaces from heavy machinery and foot traffic.


Why Choose KDM Hire for Ground Protection?

  • Environmental Protection: Our mats help to minimise ground disturbance, reducing the environmental impact of heavy machinery and foot traffic.
  • Safety First: By creating a stable base, our mats increase safety on site, reducing the risk of accidents associated with uneven or slippery surfaces.


Technical Specifications

  • Material: Made from tough, durable materials capable of supporting heavy loads.
  • Size and Coverage: Various sizes available to cover different areas and project requirements.
  • Load Capacity: Designed to support heavy machinery, including diggers and trucks.


Ideal for a Variety of Projects

  • Construction Sites: Protect lawns and landscaped areas from heavy equipment.
  • Event Venues: Create safe, stable walkways and parking areas for outdoor events.
  • Landscaping: Prevent damage to gardens and green spaces during projects.


Convenient Hire Options

KDM Hire offers flexible track mat hire and bog mats hire options, with competitive pricing and easy pick-up or delivery. Our team can advise on the best ground protection solution for your project, ensuring you get the most effective and cost-efficient option.


Frequently Asked Questions About Ground Protection Mats Hire


Q. Do ground protection mats work?

Absolutely. Ground protection mats are highly effective in distributing weight and reducing ground pressure, which prevents damage to the underlying surface. Whether it’s for heavy machinery on construction sites or foot traffic at events, these mats provide a stable and secure platform, protecting the ground from wear and tear.


Q. What are ground mats?

Ground mats, also known as ground protection mats, are durable, portable platforms used to protect the ground from damage caused by heavy equipment or frequent foot traffic. They are commonly used in construction, landscaping, and outdoor events to create temporary pathways, driveways, or work areas.


Q. What are track mats for?

Track mats, a type of ground protection mat, are specifically designed for use with heavy machinery and vehicles. They provide a stable surface on soft or sensitive grounds, allowing for safe passage and operation of equipment like diggers, trucks, and cranes. Track mats are essential for preventing ground churn and rutting, especially in wet or muddy conditions.


Q. How do you secure track mats?

Securing track mats typically involves laying them down in an interlocking pattern to cover the desired area. Some mats come with built-in connectors or overlapping flanges that help to keep them firmly in place. For added stability, especially on uneven terrain, it’s important to ensure that the mats are laid flat and closely fitted together. In some cases, additional anchoring or joining methods may be used to secure the mats, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

Ground Protection Mats – 20290

Ground protection mats provide temporary access and ground protection for pedestrian or vehicle movement. These mats are light enough for two men to handle but can distribute loads of up to 60t. Mats can be laid as two parallel tracks, as a single roadway at 2.4m wide or to form parking or turning areas.

  • No ground preparation required
  • Only 33kg each – light enough for manual handling & laying
  • Up to 60t weight loading

Ideal for

  • Temporary Roadways & Pedestrian Walkways
  • Car Parks & Caravan Sites
  • Event Access
  • Civil Engineering & Construction Sites
  • Golf Course & Sports Field Maintenance
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