Technical Information
HR 21 Hybrid
Working Height 20.8m
Platform Height 18.8m
Outreach Max 13.0m
Platform Capacity 250kg
Width 2.27m
Platform Size 1.8 x 0.8m
Weight 6680kg
Stowed Height 2.18m
Outside Turning Radius 3.89m
Standard Features 4WD

Lightweight Hybrid Artic Boom 21m

The nifty HR21 Lightweight Hybrid Artic Boom is the ideal solution when you need the performance of our standard 20m articulating boom lifts in a more compact and lightweight package. This machine is specifically designed for those tight, weight-sensitive, or confined areas where traditional equipment may not fit.

With its hybrid capabilities, it delivers all-electric, noise-free, and emission-free operation indoors, ensuring a clean and quiet work environment. Additionally, you have the flexibility to switch to the engine for outdoor use when battery levels are running low, enhancing versatility.

What sets this boom apart is its additional 1m of outreach, allowing you to access even more challenging spots, and its remarkable outside turning radius of only 3.89m. Don’t compromise on performance – choose the Lightweight Hybrid Artic Boom for superior reach, agility, and eco-friendliness

  • Hybrid system allows electric or engine operation
  • Noise and fume free operation
  • Lightweight – only 6680kg
  • Reduced running costs
  • Compact & lightweight design

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