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Portable Cabins & Toilet Hire

K Cabin specialises in the hire of temporary buildings, providing a solution to your on or off-site accommodation requirements. Buildings available include accommodation, welfare and storage units and are suitable for most applications or industries, from a school to a building site or a sporting venue.


Hygiene and Toilet Hire Solutions

We have a range of portable hygiene equipment and toilets for hire. Suitable for various uses, check them out below.

Portable Toilet Hire
Ideal for events or construction sites, our portable toilets are clean, well-maintained, and designed for user comfort, ensuring your guests or workers have access to convenient facilities.

Shower Blocks
Offering a refreshing solution for campsites, festivals, or temporary work sites, our shower blocks are equipped with multiple units to cater to larger crowds.

Outdoor Urinals
Perfect for large-scale outdoor events, our outdoor urinals help manage crowds and maintain cleanliness, ensuring efficient flow and reduced waiting times.

Waste Container Tank
Designed for easy waste management, our waste container tanks are a hygienic solution to store and dispose of waste from portable toilets and shower units.

Anti-Vandal Portable Toilet Hire
Built for durability and security, our anti-vandal portable toilets resist damage and unauthorized access, making them perfect for public events or sites where security is a concern.

Portable Cabin Hire Solutions

We supply a range of portable cabins for hire. Check them out below.

Sleeper Cabin
Designed for comfort, our sleeper cabins offer a temporary resting place for workers or event staff, equipped with essential amenities for a good night’s sleep.

Decontamination Units
Safety first! Our decontamination units are essential for sites dealing with hazardous materials, ensuring workers can safely remove and decontaminate before leaving the site.

Welfare Vans
Mobile and equipped, our welfare vans provide on-the-go facilities, from seating to kitchenette, ensuring staff welfare even in remote locations.

Smoking Shelter
Provide a designated area for smokers with our smoking shelters, ensuring comfort while keeping smoke away from main event or work areas.

Welfare Cabin
A comprehensive solution, our welfare cabins come equipped with seating, kitchen facilities, and rest areas, ensuring staff well-being during breaks.

Ticket Kiosk
Manage event entries or serve customers with our ticket kiosks, designed for efficiency, visibility, and security.

Jackleg Canteen
Offering a temporary dining solution, our jackleg canteens are spacious, and equipped with seating and food service areas, ensuring staff and guests have a comfortable dining experience.

Why Choose Us for Portable Cabin and Toilet Hire Solutions?

At KDM Hire, we prioritize quality, hygiene, and user comfort in our toilet and cabin solutions. Trust in our expertise and equip your site with the best solution.

Fully Functional Equipment
Every portable cabin and toilet we offer is guaranteed to be in complete working order, ensuring that you receive equipment that’s ready for immediate use.

Unparalleled Maintenance
We pride ourselves on the high level of maintenance we provide. This commitment ensures that our customers always receive equipment that meets the highest standards of cleanliness and functionality.

Dedicated Expertise
Our team isn’t just about rentals; they’re a wealth of knowledge. Always on hand, they provide invaluable advice, ensuring you get the most suitable solution tailored to your specific needs.

Island-Wide Supply
Serving the entire island of Ireland, our reach ensures that no matter where your event or site is located, our top-quality toilets for hire are available to you.

Whether you’re organising a large event or setting up a construction site, our range of products ensures that your on-site needs are met with the highest standards.

Contact us for more info on Portable Cabin Hire and Toilet Hire solutions.

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