Technical Information
S W L 300kg
H O L 30m
Weight 50kg
Voltage 110V
Counterbalance 2 x 150kg

Gantry Hoist

Our 300kg Builder’s Gantry Hoist is designed to excel in scaffolding and roofing applications. With a remarkable 30m maximum lift height, it’s a versatile solution for various vertical transport needs. The inclusion of a 3.3m sliding gantry beam enhances efficiency by facilitating the safe and effortless maneuvering of goods onto the platform.

Safety and ease of use are paramount features of this gantry hoist. It boasts a robust 300kg lift capacity, ensuring reliable performance while minimizing manual effort. Whether you’re working at height or on scaffolding, this hoist is your trusted partner for efficient and secure material handling.

  • 300kg lift capacity
  • 30m max lift height
  • 3.3m sliding gantry
  • Safe and easy to use
Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
£120.00 £60.00 £241.00

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