Technical Information
Length 3.6m
Length (inc. draw bar) 4.65m
Width 2.3m
Unladden weight / making GVH 1560kg
Height up / down 2.92 / 2.53m

Mobile Store

The ultimate solution for inner-city storage challenges and temporary locations – the Mobile Store. This innovation offers a seamless and cost-effective means to store your goods or materials without the hassle of complex logistics. With a simple tow into position, you can swiftly lower it to the ground for both convenience in loading and heightened security.

In congested urban areas, the Mobile Store proves invaluable as it eliminates the need for a Hiab, saving you time, money, and logistical headaches. Its robust and secure all-steel construction ensures that your valuable goods are protected, even in high-traffic or exposed environments.

Designed for practicality and efficiency, this mobile storage solution seamlessly integrates into your operations. Whether you need to relocate it to a new site or bring it back for maintenance, the process is as straightforward as towing it to and from the desired location.

  • Lowers to the ground for added security
  • Secure all steel construction
  • Simply tow to and from site

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