Technical Information
Width 1,200mm
Handle Length 5.4m
Weight 9.6kg


Enhance Your Concrete Finishing with Premier Bull/Easy Float Hire Services from KDM Hire

When it comes to achieving a perfectly smooth and level concrete surface, KDM Hire stands as your expert provider with our top-of-the-line bull/easy float hire services. Ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, our concrete floats, including the widely acclaimed easy float, are designed to make your concrete finishing tasks both simpler and more efficient.


Product Features


Our bull float boasts a generous width of 1,200mm, ensuring broad coverage with each pass for quicker and more consistent finishes.

Handle Length

Equipped with a 5.4m handle, our bull float offers extended reach, allowing you to cover large areas without the need for constant repositioning.


At just 9.6kg, the float combines lightweight design with robust performance, ensuring ease of use without compromising on durability.


Why Choose Bull/Easy Float Hire from KDM Hire?


Whether you’re working on a small residential project or a large commercial construction, our bull floats are perfect for any job size, providing that smooth, professional finish to concrete surfaces.


Easy access to a bull/easy float is a precious commodity for many undertaking concrete work. With depots in Cookstown, Castlereagh, and Mallusk, KDM Hire offers convenient access to high-quality bull floats no matter where your project is located.

Quality and Efficiency

Our bull/easy float options are specially designed for user-friendly operation, making it easier than ever to achieve a flawless finish on concrete surfaces. The long handle and lightweight design ensure that you can work comfortably and efficiently, covering more ground with less effort.


At KDM Hire, we not only supply equipment but also offer the expertise and advice you need to choose the right tools for your project. Our team is always on hand to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you get the most out of your bull/easy float hire.


Optimise Your Concrete Projects with KDM Hire

Our bull/easy float hire services are tailored to meet the demands of modern construction and DIY projects, offering a practical and cost-effective solution for achieving professional-quality concrete finishes. Whether you’re laying a new driveway, creating a patio, or working on a commercial site, our concrete bull floats are the ideal choice for ensuring a smooth, level surface.


Easy Float Hire Made Simple

For those in need of reliable concrete finishing tools, look no further than KDM Hire. With flexible hire options and a commitment to providing the highest quality equipment, we make it easy to access the tools you need, when you need them. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our bull/easy float hire services and how we can help take your concrete projects to the next level.

Bull/Easy Float

Product Code: 11140

These magnesium or steel Floats are used for finishing concrete on large slab areas. Handles up to 5.5m – can be used to access awkward areas.

  • 3 x 2m alloy handles supplied as standard
  • Provides excellent finish
Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
£26.00 £13.25 £54.00

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