Technical Information
Height 2,800mm
Length 4,550mm
Width 1,820mm
Drum Width 1,690mm
Static Inner Load 24kg/cm
Compaction Force 112/74kN
Weight 6,700kg
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Bomag 7t roller spec sheet

170cm Heavy Compaction Roller – 20750

These 170cm Heavy Compaction Rollers are suitable for compacting soil or clay, hardcore and gravel on smaller sites where a high level of compaction is still required. Rubber-tired wheels at the rear allow these machines to climb steep gradients and provide traction in clay and soil conditions.

These heavy rollers provide considerably more compaction (up tp 112/74kN) than smaller tandem rollers and their width (1,690mm) allows large areas to be covered quickly.

  • Ideal for road, industrial estate or airport applications
  • Rubber-tired wheels for steep gradients & traction
  • 1,690mm drum width

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