Technical Information
S W L per Deck 175kg
Weight 99kg – 1/2 Scaffold


Secure and Efficient Chimney Scaffold Solutions from KDM Hire

When it comes to chimney maintenance, repair, or inspection, safety and accessibility are paramount. KDM Hire offers a comprehensive chimney scaffold hire service, designed to provide secure and efficient access to chimneys on buildings of various sizes.


Why Choose KDM Hire for Your Chimney Scaffold Needs?

At KDM Hire, we’re dedicated to providing top-tier chimney scaffold solutions that cater to a wide array of project needs, from minor repairs to extensive renovations. Our chimney scaffolds are meticulously designed to ensure safety, stability, and ease of use, making them the ideal choice for any chimney work. With a capacity to support 175kg per deck and a manageable weight for easy assembly, our scaffolds offer both robustness and convenience.

We pride ourselves on offering flexible hire options, ensuring that whether your project is short-term or requires a longer commitment, we have the scaffolding solutions to match. Specifically tailored for chimney inspections, repairs, and maintenance, our scaffolds are engineered for safety compliance, versatility, and ease of assembly, ensuring a stable and secure platform for all chimney-related tasks. With KDM Hire, you gain not just equipment, but a reliable partner committed to the success and safety of your project.


Chimney Scaffold Hire Near Me

KDM Hire offers chimney scaffold rentals available at our depots in Cookstown, Castlereagh, and Mallusk. This guarantees that our clients always have easy access to our equipment, maintaining high levels of productivity and efficiency for their projects.


Mobile Access Tower Training

In the realm of construction and maintenance, particularly when it comes to tasks like chimney repairs or inspections, the combination of reliable equipment and skilled operation is key to ensuring safety and efficiency. KDM Hire extends beyond just providing state-of-the-art chimney scaffold hire; we also offer comprehensive Mobile Access Tower Training. This training is crucial for any personnel involved in chimney projects or any work at height, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate safely and comply with legal requirements.

Our Mobile Access Tower Training is designed to instil a deep understanding of the best practices in assembling, dismantling, and safely using mobile access towers. This is particularly relevant for projects requiring chimney scaffolds, as it ensures that all work at height is conducted within the strictest safety standards. The course covers everything from the selection and inspection of the right equipment to practical, hands-on assembly and dismantling techniques, culminating in a recognised certification for participants. This not only enhances the safety and efficiency of your projects but also contributes to the professional development of your team, ensuring they are well-versed in the latest safety protocols and regulations.

By integrating our chimney scaffold hire services with our expert training, KDM Hire provides a comprehensive solution that guarantees not just the physical tools but also the expertise to use them effectively. This approach not only elevates the safety standards of your project but also ensures compliance with health and safety regulations, making it an invaluable investment for any project manager or company committed to excellence in construction and maintenance work.


Partner with KDM Hire for Your Chimney Scaffold Requirements

At KDM Hire, we understand the importance of reliable and safe access solutions for chimney work. Our chimney scaffold hire service is designed to provide you with the best possible solution for your project, backed by our commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to discuss your chimney scaffold hire needs. Whether you’re based in Belfast or elsewhere, our team is ready to provide you with expert advice and the right scaffolding solution to ensure your chimney project is completed safely and efficiently.


Chimney Scaffold

Product Code: 10320

Adjustable Chimney Scaffold provides a safe platform when working around chimneys. Lightweight yet sturdy, this scaffold can be linked together to provide access to all sides of the stack.

Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
Full - - £258.00
Half, along ridge - - £145.00
Half, over ridge - - £145.00

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