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Power Generation Hire

Our K Power division specialises in the hire of generators and auxiliary equipment for applications where a reliable source of temporary power is required. We offer a comprehensive range of silenced generators from 10kVA to 1250kVA along with a range of associated products and equipment.


Power Generation Hire Solutions from KDM Hire

At KDM Hire, we understand the critical importance of reliable power solutions for your projects, events, and emergency situations. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of power generation hire services, designed to meet your every need.


Our Power Generation Hire Range

At KDM Hire, we offer a comprehensive selection of power generation hire solutions to meet the diverse needs of any project or event. Our power generators are the backbone of reliable and efficient power delivery, perfect for everything from construction sites to outdoor events, ensuring a steady and dependable electricity supply.

Additionally, our hybrid power generators represent the pinnacle of sustainability and efficiency. By blending traditional fuel power with innovative battery storage, these units not only reduce fuel consumption and emissions but also ensure consistent, reliable power, making them perfect for environmentally conscious projects.


Why Choose KDM Hire for Your Power Generation Hire Needs?

  • Wide Selection: From 12-16 KVA Multi-Phase Generators to our Hybrid Battery Power Unit, our diverse fleet ensures you’ll find the right power generation hire equipment for your specific needs.
  • Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable team is here to provide expert recommendations based on your project’s size, duration, and power requirements, ensuring you get the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Get in touch and one of our sales team will get you a quote!
  • Reliability: All our power generation hire equipment is meticulously maintained and tested to ensure reliability and performance when you need it most.


Power Hire Near Me

Whether you are located in the heart of Northern Ireland or in the greater Belfast area, KDM Hire will ensure that your project or event has the reliable power it needs, thanks to our strategically located depots in Cookstown, Castlereagh and Mallusk!

Whether you’re in the initial planning stages or in urgent needs of a power solution, we’re here to ensure your project is powered to succeed.


Get Powered Up with KDM Hire

No matter the scale or scope of your project, KDM Hire’s power generation hire solutions are here to ensure you have the reliable power you need, when and where you need it. Contact us today to discuss your power generation needs and discover why KDM Hire is the go-to choice for Power Generation Hire.



How much does a generator cost?

At KDM Hire we have a wide range of generators available for hire, all with unique prices. If you would like to enquire about the hire of a power generator. Get in touch will our sales team and they will be glad to help you!

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