Technical Information
Feature Size/Type3.5kW6kW Air Con Unit9kW Air Con Unit
Cooling Output Btu/hr12,000 Btu/hr20,400 Btu/hr30,700 Btu/hr
Cooling Output kW3.5kW6kW9kW
Power Supply -consumption240V/1.3kW240V/1.9kW240V/6kW
Airflow Max350m3/hr1885m3/hr2055m3/hr
Operating Temperature16 – 32oC21 – 38oC21 – 38oC
Max Duct Length1.8m3m3m

Portable Air Conditioners – Exhaust Tube 12070

Exhaust tube air conditioners are easy to use and can be operating within minutes of arriving at your premises. Cool air is provided into any room in which they are located with heat being dispersed via flexible ducting which can be positioned in any opening such as windows, doors or voids. We offer a range of air conditioners in a variety of sizes for applications such as offices, homes, shops, hotels, schools, factories or site accommodation.

  • Cool your office, room or shop in an instant
  • Can be operating within minutes of arrival
  • Easy to operate in any environment
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