Technical Information
Model JCB155
Max Lift Capacity 703kg
Max Dump Height 2.26m
Length 3.48m
Width incl bucket 1.83m
Width less bucket 1.6m
Operational Height (fully raised) 3m
Height to ROPS 1.98m
Control Type Joystick
Operating Weight 2,883g
Power Source Diesel


Enhance Your Project’s Efficiency with Skid Steer Loader Hire from KDM Hire

In the dynamic world of construction, landscaping, and site management, the versatility and power of a skid steer loader are unparalleled. KDM Hire is proud to offer the JCB155 skid steer loader for hire, a compact yet powerful machine designed to tackle a wide range of tasks with ease and efficiency. Whether you’re moving materials, clearing sites, or undertaking landscaping projects, our skid steer loader hire service provides the perfect solution.


Why Choose KDM Hire for Skid Steer Loader Hire?


Robust Performance

The JCB155 model boasts a maximum lift capacity of 703kg and a maximum dump height of 2.26m, making it an ideal choice for a variety of lifting and loading tasks. Its compact dimensions, with a length of 3.48m and operational height of 3m, allow for easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces, while the joystick control offers precision handling.

Versatile Applications

With a width including the bucket of 1.83m and less the bucket at 1.6m, this skid steer loader is perfectly suited for both broad and narrow working conditions. Whether you’re operating in spacious construction sites or navigating through narrow passageways, the JCB155 adapts to your needs.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is paramount, and the JCB155 skid steer loader is equipped with a height to ROPS of 1.98m, ensuring operator safety under various conditions. Powered by diesel and with an operating weight of 2,883g, it combines power with reliability, ensuring your projects proceed smoothly and safely.


Skid Steer Hire Near Me

With our Skid Steer Loader hire service being available at all our depots minimises downtime and enhances productivity for our customers’ projects!


Key Features of Our Skid Steer Loader Hire Service

KDM Hire’s JCB155 skid steer loader combines high efficiency, adaptability, ease of use, and dependable service into one powerful package. Designed for optimal performance, this versatile machine is perfect for a wide array of applications, including construction, demolition, landscaping, and site clearance. With joystick controls for intuitive operation and a commitment to providing well-maintained, high-quality equipment, KDM Hire ensures your projects are not only completed efficiently but also effectively, backed by unparalleled customer satisfaction and support.


Get Started with Your Skid Steer Loader Project Today

KDM Hire is committed to providing the best in equipment hire solutions. Our skid steer loader hire service is no exception, offering the power, versatility, and reliability you need to tackle your projects head-on.

Contact us today to learn more about our loader hire options or to discuss your specific equipment needs. With our extensive range of machinery and commitment to excellence, KDM Hire is your go-to source for all your equipment hire requirements.

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JCB 155 Skid Steer Loader

Skid Steer Loader

These powerful Loaders can perform multiple tasks, including lifting, bucket work and sweeping. Highly manoeuvrable, robust and efficient, these machines are some of the most versatile loaders around.

  • Side door entry for added safety
  • Fully enclosed cab
  • Single boom provides greater visibility

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