Technical Information
350kg 400kg
External Length 1,450mm 1975mm
External Width 690mm 860mm
Max Lifting Capacity 350kg 410kg
Max Load at Max Extension 200kg 225kg
Max. Capacity on 1 side 200kg 200kg
Total Weight Excl. Counterweights 512kg N/A
Total Weight Incl. Counterweights 617kg 912kg
Min. Extension 290mm 458mm
Max. Extension 790mm 958mm
Max. Lifting Height 2,800mm 3,078mm
Side Offset 100mm 100mm
Tilt Function 180 degrees Back 45 degrees / Forth 97 degrees
Continuous Rotation 360 degrees 360 degrees
Suction Cups 4 x 270mm diameter 4 x 310mm diameter
Batteries 2 x 95 Ah 2 x 90 Ah


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Winlet 350 Glass Positioner Specifications

Glass Positioner 350 – 400kg – 40200

These powered self-propelled glass positioner machines come standard with four hydraulic functions as well as linear movements which significantly reduce installation times. Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, the 350 model is only 690mm wide and compact enough to be driven into a van for transportation to site.

  • Rapid installation and improved safety
  • 360-degree continuous rotation
  • Vacuum swivel, keeps hoses out of the way
  • Rough terrain capability
  • Compact enough to fit into a van

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