Technical Information
Output 2.2kW 4kW
Voltage 110/240V 110/240V
Amps 16A 16A
Engine Petrol/4 stroke Petrol/4 stroke
Run Time (approx) 3 hrs 3 hrs
Weight 41kg 59kg

Discover Reliable Power Solutions with Petrol Generator Hire from KDM Hire

In the realm of outdoor events, construction sites, or any scenario where reliable power is a must, petrol generators stand as the backbone of energy provision. KDM Hire, with over 30 years of experience in the equipment rental industry, offers a robust selection of petrol generators that cater to a wide array of power needs across Northern Ireland.


Petrol Generators for Every Need

Our petrol generator fleet includes models with outputs of 2.2kW and 4kW, ensuring we have the perfect solution for your power requirements. Both models operate on a petrol/4 stroke engine, known for its efficiency and reliability. With a voltage output of 110/240V and a standard 16A amp rating, these generators are versatile enough to support a wide range of equipment and applications.


Compact and Efficient

Despite their powerful output, our generators are designed with portability in mind. The 2.2kW model weighs just 41kg, while the 4kW model, offering more substantial power, comes in at 59kg. Both units boast an approximate run time of 3 hours, making them ideal for events, construction projects, or emergency backup power.


Why Choose KDM Hire for Your Generator Needs?


With options suitable for small to medium power needs, our petrol generators ensure that you have the right amount of power whenever and wherever you need it.


Engineered for performance, our generators are regularly maintained and tested to meet the highest standards of operational excellence.


Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in selecting the best generator for your project, providing insights and recommendations based on decades of experience.


Generator Hire Near Me

With our petrol generators available to hire from our Cookstown, Castlereagh & Mallusk depots we allow for easy access to rentals. These convenient locations also ensure our customers are always within reach of us and securing the power solution needed.


Power Your Projects with Confidence

Whether you’re planning an outdoor event, managing a construction site, or in need of emergency power, our petrol generators provide a reliable and efficient power source. Contact our expert team for advice tailored to your specific needs. With flexible hire terms and competitive pricing, KDM Hire is your go-to source for generator hire in Northern Ireland.

Petrol Generators 12790

Ideal for powering small power tools or lights, these Portable petrol Generators offer a handy power supply where no mains electricity is available.

Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
2.2kW £23.00 £17.75 £59.00
4.0kW £30.00 £23.00 £77.00

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