Technical Information
2032 2632
Working Height 8.1m/26′ 9.9m/32′
Platform Height 6.1m/20′ 7.9m/26′
Platform Capacity 363kg 227kg
Width 0.81m 0.81m
Length 2.44m 2.44m
Height Stowed 2.13m 2.5m
Height Rails Lowered 1.75m 1.91m
Deck Size 0.81 x 2.26m 0.81 x 2.26m
Deck Size Extended 0.81 x 3.18m 0.81 x 3.18m
Weight 1,621kg 2,002kg
Power Source Battery Battery

FAQs on Scissor Lifts

  1. What is a Scissor Lift? A scissor lift is a type of platform that can move vertically, providing access to high areas. It’s named for its criss-cross ‘scissor’ mechanism, typically made of steel, that expands and compresses to adjust the platform’s height. Scissor lifts are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and maintenance tasks for tasks like installation, repairs, and inventory management.
  2. Do You Need a Harness in a Scissor Lift? The requirement for a harness in a scissor lift depends on the specific regulations and safety guidelines of the country or region. In the UK, it’s generally advised to use a harness when working at heights, especially if there’s a risk of falling. However, for scissor lifts, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and any site-specific risk assessments.
  3. Do You Need Certification to Operate a Scissor Lift? Yes, in the UK, operators of scissor lifts are required to have proper training and certification. This ensures they understand how to operate the equipment safely and are aware of potential hazards. Training courses often cover topics like safe operation, emergency procedures, and daily equipment checks. We offer IPAF Approved Training courses across multiple depots in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
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Genie 2632 Narrow Scissor Lift 8-10m

Narrow Scissor Lifts 8m – 10m

Product Code: 30220 / 30230

With working heights up to 10m and only 810mm wide, these Narrow Scissors Lifts are perfect for manoeuvring into awkward areas.

  • Fold-down handrails are fitted as standard.
  • Non-marking tyres allow travel over sensitive floors.

These scissor lifts are a game-changer in the industry, especially designed for spaces where traditional lifts fall short. With a slender profile of only 810mm in width, they effortlessly manoeuvre through narrow aisles, doorways, and other confined areas, making them a perfect fit for indoor environments like warehouses, shopping centres, and office buildings.

Safety and floor protection are paramount in our design. The scissor lifts come equipped with non-marking tyres, ensuring that your operations leave no trace on sensitive flooring. This feature is particularly beneficial in finished or delicate environments, where floor integrity is crucial.

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