Technical Information
4.8m Double 6m Double
Closed 4.82m 5.88m
Open 8.59m 10.96m
Weight 21.8kg 30.4kg
3.5 Triple 5m Triple
Closed 3.08m 4.94m
Open 7.43m 12.97m
Weight 21kg 58kg

Aluminium Ladders 10200

Heavy duty Aluminium Ladders capable of reaching heights of up to 13m. These lightweight ladders are ideal when you require access for inspection or maintenance purposes.

  • Suitable for trade use
  • Easy to use – push up operation
  • Slip resistant rungs
  • Ring clips secure sections together for safe and easy use and for transporting
Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
4.8m Double £20.00 £11.75 £40.00
6m Double £23.00 £14.00 £48.00
3m Triple £21.00 £12.50 £42.00
5m Triple £43.50 £26.00 £88.00

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