Technical Information
External Length 1850mm
External Width 840mm
Max Lift Capacity 350kg
Max Load (at max extension) 200kg
Max Capacity / Side 200kg
Weight 400kg
Min Extension 290mm
Max Lifting Height 2700mm
Side Offset 100mm
Rotation 360°
Suction Cups 6 X Ø270mm
Batteries 2 X 95 Ah
Lifting Fork Height 70mm
Lifting Fork Width 150mm
Centre distance between Forks 640mm

Forklift Mounted Glass Positioner 350kg – 40200

This forklift mounted glass positioner fits directly to the forks of a telehandler or forklift for installation of glass at height or where ground conditions are difficult. With a 350kg capacity and operated by a cabled remote control, the forklift mounted glass positioner allows safe handling and manipulating of glass in places a standard unit cannot reach.

  • Fits directly to telehandler forks
  • Full manipulation functions
  • Remote control operation
  • Lift capacity 350kg

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