Technical Information
S W L 70kg
H O L 4.57m
Weight 45kg


Raise Your Construction Projects with Panel Lifter Hire from KDM Hire

KDM Hire brings you an essential tool for your construction and renovation projects: the panel lifter. Perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, our panel lifters are specifically designed to simplify the handling and installation of plasterboards, drywall, and other panels. Look no further than KDM Hire for a solution that combines efficiency, safety, and ease of use.


Why Our Panel Lifter Stands Out

Our panel lifter boasts a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 70kg, making it capable of lifting the majority of plasterboard sizes and types with ease. With a maximum Height of Lift (HOL) of up to 4.57m, it ensures that even the highest installations are within reach, all while maintaining a manageable weight of just 45kg for easy manoeuvrability on the job site.


Benefits of Choosing KDM Hire for Your Plasterboard Lifter Needs

Choosing KDM Hire for your plasterboard lifter needs brings together the convenience of accessibility, the confidence of quality assurance, the advantage of expert guidance, and the flexibility of hire terms all in one package.

We take pride in providing high-quality, reliable equipment, meticulously maintained to guarantee smooth progress on your projects. Our experienced team is always ready to offer tailored advice, ensuring you select the most appropriate panel lifter for your specific requirements.

Understanding the varying demands of construction projects, we provide flexible hire options to align with your project’s schedule, whether it’s for a short day’s work or a longer-term need, making KDM Hire your ideal partner for efficient and safe plasterboard installation.


Plasterboard Lifter Hire Near Me

At KDM Hire we offer our plasterboard lifter hire services at all our depots, ensuring that our customers will always be within reach of us.


Streamline Your Panel Installation with KDM Hire

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover why KDM Hire is the trusted provider for panel and plasterboard lifter hire across the industry.

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Panel Lifter

Product Code: 40170

These specialised panel lifters have been meticulously designed to simplify the task of positioning plasterboard or panels at ceiling height, streamlining the fixing process for solo operators.

Whether you’re working with plywood or plasterboard, these lifts prove to be the ideal companion, facilitating efficient and effortless installation. Elevate your productivity and achieve precise results with the convenience and support provided by these panel lifters.

  • Ideal for plywood or plasterboard
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