Technical Information
Single Width Tower
Base Size 0.85 x 2.5m
Double Width Tower
Base Size 1.45 x 2.5m

All heights listed refer to platform heights.

Advanced Guardrail Tower 10160

The Advanced Guardrail cam-lock system provides an easier and safer alternative to building scaffold towers. Using this system, the guardrail is in place before the user ascends the platform. These towers are also quicker and simpler to build with fewer components. Ideal when towers have to be dismantled and rebuilt regularly. They are also less susceptible to loss and damage.

  • Easier & safer to erect
  • Fewer components, less damage
  • Working height up to 10.7m
  • Single and double width towers are available.
Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
2.7m £66.00 £22.00 £88.00
3.7m £77.00 £25.00 £102.00
4.7m £92.00 £29.00 £121.00
5.7m £114.00 £37.00 £151.00
6.7m £129.00 £43.00 £172.00
7.7m £149.00 £48.00 £197.00
8.7m £171.00 £56.00 £227.00
9.7m £194.00 £64.00 £258.00
10.7m £216.00 £71.00 £287.00
All heights listed refer to platform height

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