Technical Information
Hinowa 33.17
Working Height 32.6m/106’11”
Platform Height 30.6m/100’11”
Outreach Max 16.5m/54’1”
Platform Capacity 230kg
Width (Retracted) 1.2m – 1.7m
Length 6.5m
Height Stowed 1.99m
Weight 7,740kg
Power Source Hybrid Diesel/Battery
Jackleg Spread 5.24 x 4.6m


Reach Higher with Our 33m Spider Boom Lift

Introducing the pinnacle of aerial work platforms; our Spider Boom Lift 33m. This remarkable piece of machinery is part of our extensive range of Spider Boom Lifts at KDM Hire. The 33m Spider Boom Lift is designed to easily and precisely meet the most demanding height requirements. Ideal for a variety of applications, the 33m Spider Boom Lift is the perfect choice for those projects that require extensive vertical and horizontal reach.


Unmatched Height and Reach

  • Profound Working Height: The 33m Spider Boom Lift boasts a towering working height of 32.6m (106’11”), making it suitable for the tallest of tasks in construction, maintenance, or tree care.


Advanced Design and Features

  • Adaptable Width: The adjustable width, ranging from 1.2m to 1.7m, ensures stability and accessibility in various environments, from narrow indoor spaces to expansive outdoor sites.


Robust and Reliable

  • Substantial Platform Capacity: The platform can hold up to 230kg, accommodating operators and equipment securely for a wide range of tasks.


Why Choose Our 33m Spider Boom Lift?

  • Unique in Size and Capability: This Spider Boom Lift 33m stands out with its exceptional height and reach, differentiating it from other models in our fleet.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Emphasizing safety, the Spider Boom Lift 33m is equipped with intuitive controls and safety features, ensuring a secure and productive work environment.
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Hinowa 23.12 Tracked/spider Boom Lift 23m

Tracked / Spider Boom Lift 33m

The Hinowa 33.17 Tracked Spider Boom Lift reaches heights of up to 32.6m and is capable 16.5m of outreach, taking up and over capabilities to a new level, these impressive booms can also be operated at negative levels. With a lithium battery and diesel engine hybrid power system, this boom is suitable for both indoor and outdoor work offering low noise and pollution-free operation. The compact design allows access to confined spaces and areas other machines simply cannot reach.

To maximise operator safety and stability these high-performance aerial platforms are equipped with several safety features including automatic assisted stabilization, performance hydraulic system and anti-entrapment. The up and over capabilities of this machine make it ideal for building maintenance, tree pruning, bridge repair or interior and exterior renovations.

  • Working heights of up to 32.6m
  • Outreach up to 16.5m
  • Automatic assisted stabilization
  • Bi energy – low noise and pollution-free operation
  • Can be operated at negative levels
  • Battery system allows for indoor operation

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