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Size: 20′ x 8’/6m x 2.5m (Product code 60230)

Size: 8 x 6′ / 2.5m x 1.8m (Product code 60220)

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Turnstyle Security Cabin

Turnstile Security Cabin

Our Turnstile Security Cabins are the pinnacle of access control solutions for your site or event. These turnstile security cabins are not just a standard security measure; they are delivered fully equipped and ready for immediate deployment. With various access options to choose from, including push-button, keypad, or advanced biometric readers, you have the flexibility to tailor the security system to your specific needs.

These cabins are more than just access control points; they also provide a comfortable office space for your security operatives, ensuring they have the amenities they need to effectively manage access and monitor your premises.

Whether you’re securing busy construction sites, factories, or hosting large events, our Turnstile Security Cabins offer peace of mind, reliability, and superior access control. Elevate your security measures with a solution that’s as efficient as it is comfortable.

  • Secure access control for busy construction sites, factories or large events
  • Various access control options
  • Integral security office


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