Technical Information
Small Medium  Large
Hose Connection 32-45mm 38mm 50mm
Capacity 35l 20l 20l
Flow 210m3/hr 210m3/hr 330m3/hr
Power Rating 1,000W 1,285W 2680W
Weight 13.5kg 16kg 50kg
Dust Class M H H
Recommended Use Small Tools Masonry Saws/light floor grinding Floor planer/aggressive floor grinding

Dust Extractor Vacuum 10920

A range of dust extractor vacuums are available to remove dust from cutting and grinding tools, significantly reducing the health risks connected with working in dust environments. Fitted with HEPA and fine cellulose filters these vacuums can be used with a variety of equipment including masonry saws, grinders and floor preparation equipment to ensure the safety of operators.

  • 3 sizes available for all applications
  • Ideal for hand tools & floor preparation equipment
  • M & H Class available, suitable for fine dust, concrete plaster, wood or filler
  • Light alerts operator when the filter needs to be cleaned
Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
Small £32.00 £23.00 £80.00
Medium £37.00 £28.75 £98.00
Large £44.50 £31.75 £110.00

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