Technical Information
15m Tracked Boom
Working Height 15.4m/50’6″
Platform Height 13.4m/44′
Outreach Max 6.6m
Platform Capacity 230kg
Width (Retracted) 0.74m
Width 1.1m
Overall Length 4.02m
Weight 1,950kg
Power Source Diesel/Battery
Jackleg Spread 2.8m
Stowed Height 1.99m


Elevate Your Access with Our 15m Spider Boom Lift

With our 15m Spider Boom Lift  you can unlock unparalleled success and flexibility on your site. It is the premier choice for those who are seeking a compact yet powerful aerial work platform. This meticulously designed spider lift combines the agility of a spider with the power of a boom lift, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, from facility maintenance to tree care and construction projects.


Key Features of Our 15m Spider Boom Lift:

  • Versatile Use: Perfectly suited for challenging locations, offering significant reach without the bulk.
  • Agile and Compact: Its design allows for operation in confined spaces, making it ideal for complex environments.
  • Dual Power Source: Offers the versatility of diesel for outdoor power and battery for indoor quietness.
  • High Capacity: Supports two operators or additional equipment, enhancing job efficiency.
  • Transport Friendly: Designed for easy relocation, ensuring it moves as quickly as your project demands.


This 15m spider boom lift is part of our GoGreen range which through the use of Eco-friendly rental products help reduce CO² emissions and improve sustainability!


Why Choose Our 15m Spider Boom Lift?

  • Unique Size and Reach: Standing out from other sizes, our 15m model provides the perfect balance between reach and compactness, making it uniquely suited for indoor spaces and tight outdoor areas where larger models can’t go.
  • Jackleg Spread for Stability: The 2.8m jackleg spread ensures maximum stability on uneven surfaces, allowing safe operation in a variety of environments.
  • Seamless Operation: Designed for ease of use, the intuitive controls and automatic stabilisation system allow for quick setup and operation, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


Ideal Applications:

  • Facility Maintenance: Ideal for reaching high ceilings, windows, and facades.
  • Tree Care: Provides safe and stable access for tree trimming and arboricultural work.
  • Construction and Renovation: Access difficult-to-reach areas without the need for scaffolding.
  • Event Setup: Efficiently
  • Install lights, decorations, or banners safely and efficiently.


Frequently Asked Questions About Spider Boom Lift Hire


Q. How high can a spider boom lift go?

Spider lifts are designed to reach various heights, catering to a wide range of tasks. The specific reach depends on the model, so we recommend discussing your requirements with our team to find the perfect match for your needs.

Q. Are spider boom lifts safe?

Yes, boom lifts are designed with safety in mind and are generally safe when used correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. However, like all heavy machinery, the safety of boom lifts depends on proper training, usage, and maintenance. Operators should be trained on the specific model of boom lift they are using, including understanding its limitations and safety features. Regular maintenance checks are essential to ensure the equipment is in good working condition. Additionally, using appropriate safety gear, such as harnesses and helmets, and adhering to safety protocols, can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

Q. Can spider boom lifts be used indoors?

Yes, spider lifts are high adaptable for indoor use, thanks to their compact size and low floor load. In particular, the electric models are favoured for indoor tasks due to their emission-free operation which makes them ideal for environments such as shopping centres, warehouse, indoor arenas among many more. The non-marking tracks on these spider lifts prevent damage to flooring, ensuring a minimal impact on indoor surfaces.


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15m Tracked/Spider Boom Lift

Tracked / Spider Boom Lift 15m

These Tracked Lifts will travel across soft or uneven ground and allow access through narrow gateways or into confined sites. Excellent outreach makes these machines ideal for tree pruning, shopping mall maintenance or work around the house or garden.

  • Only 0.79m wide

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