Technical Information
Generator Size 500/kVA
Fuel Tank Capacity 1,800l
Fuel Cons @ 50% Load 50.2l/hr
Fuel Cons @ Full Load 100l/hr
Weight 7,800kg
Amps Output 690A
Volts 415V
Average Noise Level 69 dB(A) 7m


Reliable 500kVA Generator Hire for Your Power Needs

Power up your project with our industry-leading 500kVA generator hire services, tailored to meet the demands of any site or event requiring a robust and reliable power solution. Our 500kVA generators are designed to deliver maximum efficiency and reliability, ensuring your operations run smoothly without interruption. Ideal for a wide range of applications, from large-scale events to construction sites, our generators are your go-to option for high-quality power, whenever and wherever you need it.


Key Features of Our 500kVA Generator:

  • Generator Size: Offering a formidable 500kVA of power, this generator is capable of supporting large projects, ensuring a steady and reliable power supply for extensive operational needs.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: With an impressive 1,800-litre fuel tank, our generator is equipped for prolonged usage, minimizing the need for frequent refuelling and thus enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Fuel Consumption: Efficient fuel usage is a hallmark of our generator, consuming just 50.2 litres per hour at 50% load and 100 litres per hour at full load, ensuring an economical operation.
  • Weight and Output: Weighing in at 7,800kg and providing an amps output of 690A at 415V, this generator is both powerful and robust, designed for the most demanding conditions.
  • Noise Level: Despite its power, the generator operates at an average noise level of 69 dB(A) at 7m, making it a considerate choice for environments where noise control is important.


Why Choose Our 500kVA Generator Rental?


Our 500kVA rental generator is perfect for a variety of settings, including corporate events, industrial projects, and emergency backup.


Each generator is regularly maintained and checked for performance, ensuring reliability when it matters most.


With our comprehensive rental solutions, you can expect prompt delivery, setup, and pick-up, streamlining your project’s logistics.


Our expert team is on hand to provide advice and support, ensuring you have the right power solution for your needs.


Opt for our 500kVA generator hire services to guarantee that your project has the reliable power it needs. Whether you’re organizing a major event or managing a significant construction site, our 500kVA generators offer the power, efficiency, and reliability you require. With strategic locations offering 500 kva generator rental services, you’re assured of finding the perfect power solution with ease. Discover the benefits of choosing a trusted provider for your generator needs and ensure your operations run seamlessly from start to finish.

500kVA Generators

Designed to achieve maximum noise reduction and enhanced cooling, our 500kVA super silent generators are suitable for a range of applications where noise pollution is a concern such as events or inner-city environments. All units are fitted with quick release fittings for easy connection to bulk fuel tanks while specialist fuel filters allow replacement while running. All 500kVA set are fitted with Deepsea 8610 synchronisation panels to allow connection to similar sets. All units are full bunded against spillage and come with forklift pockets for easy placement on site.

  • Synchronised models available
  • Super silenced
  • Easily connected to long run tanks
  • Fully bunded against spillage

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