Technical Information
Dimensions 2050 x 1335mm
Weight 5.3kg
Max. Noise Reduction 43dB
Max Noise Absorbsion 99%


Maximise Your Noise Control with Our Acoustic Noise Barrier Hire Solutions

KDM Hire is your go-to destination for state-of-the-art noise barrier hire, offering a comprehensive selection of acoustic noise barriers designed to significantly reduce noise pollution across a variety of settings. Whether you’re managing a construction site, organising an event, or need to minimise noise in a temporary location, our acoustic noise barrier solutions provide an effective, easy-to-install option for creating a more peaceful environment.


Product Features


Each panel measures 2050 x 1335mm, providing substantial coverage for any area.

Lightweight Design

Weighing just 5.3kg, our barriers are designed for easy handling and quick installation.

Exceptional Noise Reduction

Capable of reducing noise by up to 43dB, our barriers offer one of the highest levels of sound insulation available, making them ideal for even the most demanding noise control applications.

High-Efficiency Noise Absorption

With a maximum noise absorption of 99%, these barriers not only block sound but also absorb it, preventing echo and reverberation for an even quieter environment.


Why Choose KDM Hire for Acoustic Barrier Hire?

Versatile Solutions

Our range of sound barrier hire options are perfect for a wide array of applications, from construction sites and industrial areas to public events and private functions. Whatever your noise control needs, we have the temporary acoustic noise barriers to suit.

Immediate Improvement

Upon installation, you’ll notice an immediate reduction in noise levels, enhancing work efficiency and compliance with noise regulation standards, and improving relations with neighbouring communities.

Easy Installation

Our lightweight, yet durable, acoustic noise barriers are designed for quick and easy setup, requiring minimal time and effort to create a significantly quieter space.


Hiring acoustic noise barriers from KDM Hire provides a flexible, cost-effective solution for noise management. Avoid the expense of purchasing equipment outright and only pay for what you need, when you need it.


Get in Touch with KDM Hire Today

For superior noise control solutions, look no further than KDM Hire. Our acoustic barrier hire services are designed to meet your specific needs, providing an effective, efficient way to manage sound levels. Contact our expert team for more information on how we can help you achieve the peace and quiet your project deserves.

Acoustic Noise Barriers 12690

The echo acoustic noise barrier is a temporary and portable solution that offers noise reduction and absorption for building sites, demolition works or events that need to manage noise levels. Ideal for urban site work or environmentally sensitive areas, simply fit to site fencing or scaffolding. Water, fire and temperature resistant, these lightweight barriers are easy to install by a single operator.

  • Simply fit to site fencing or scaffolding
  • Up to 43dB noise reduction
  • Easy to install by a single operator
  • Ideal for events or urban construction sites
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£29.00 - £29.00

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