Technical Information
Crane Capacity 3.82t x 2.7m (8,480lb x 8.5ft
Max. Lifting Height (on the ground) 16.8m (55.1ft)
Max. Working Radius 16m x 0.21t (52.4ft x 500lb)
Max Reach Below Ground -20.5m (4 falls) (-67ft)
Travel Width 1,380mm
Stowed Height 1,980mm
Stowed Length 4,980mm
Min. Outrigger Spread Width 4,331mm
Max. Outrigger Spread Width 5,441mm
Weight 5,600kg
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Spider Crane, 3.83t x 2.7m spec sheet

Spider Crane, 3.83t x 2.7m – 40100

This powerful spider crane offers an outstanding 3.83t lifting capacity while still only 1.38m wide, allowing access and heavy duty lifting in restricted areas. This crane provides a 500kg pick and carry capability while other standard features include a crane/outrigger interlock system, working limit setting and variable speed travel. Manual and remote-control options ensure safe and efficient lifting no matter how difficult the task.

  • Lifting heights of up to 16.8m
  • Ideal for larger lifting applications on construction or industrial sites
  • Position anywhere on-site i.e. rooftops or coned areas
  • 500kg pick & carry capability
  • Only 1380mm wide travel width
  • Rubber tracks
  • Working limits setting
  • Crane/outrigger interlock system
  • Data logger
  • Radio remote control
  • Dual speed travel
  • Searcher hook option

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