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Hand Test Weights 20kg
Test Weight Trolley 100kg
Test Weight Stillage 240kg


Optimise Your Calibration with Hand Test Weights Hire

In the realms of construction, engineering, and various industrial applications, precision is paramount. Ensuring your equipment is calibrated correctly can be the difference between success and failure. KDM Hire offers a comprehensive solution with our hand test weights hire service, catering to clients across the UK and Ireland. Our selection of test weights is designed to meet a broad range of testing and calibration needs, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your operations.


Versatile Range for Comprehensive Testing

Our hand test weights are available in 20kg units, perfect for smaller scale calibration needs where precision is key. For larger requirements, our test weight trolley and test weight stillage offer capacities of 100kg and 240kg, respectively. This range ensures that whether you’re calibrating lifting equipment, scales, or any other machinery requiring precise weight measurements, we have the right test weights for the job.


Convenient and Reliable Test Weight Hire

KDM Hire stands out in the test weight hire market in both the UK and Ireland for our convenient depot locations, our commitment to quality, convenience, and customer service. Our test weights are meticulously maintained to ensure they meet strict accuracy standards. Additionally, our flexible hire options mean you can access the weights you need for exactly as long as you need them, without the overhead of purchasing and storing the equipment yourself.


Why Choose KDM Hire for Your Test Weight Needs?

Accuracy Assured

All our test weights are regularly checked and calibrated to ensure they provide reliable results every time.

Wide Range

From hand test weights to larger stillages, our inventory caters to a variety of testing needs.

Flexible Hire Terms

Whether you need weights for a short-term project or on a longer-term basis, we offer flexible hire solutions tailored to your requirements.

Expert Advice

Our experienced team is on hand to advise on the best test weight solutions for your specific calibration needs.


Get Started with KDM Hire Today

For projects demanding the utmost accuracy, KDM Hire’s test weight rental service is the trusted choice. Whether you’re in the UK or Ireland, our hand test weights and comprehensive range of testing solutions are here to ensure your equipment performs at its best. Contact us today to find out more about our test weight hire options or to discuss your specific calibration requirements. Let KDM Hire be your partner in precision, ensuring your projects are always on point.

Hand Test Weights – 40890

These 20kg Hand Test Weights are ideal for smaller testing applications or for providing ballast. Trolleys and stillages are available for ease of handling.

Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
Hand Test Weight 20kg £2.50 £1.50 £8.00
Test Weight Trolly £14.00 £7.00 £30.00

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