Technical Information
Overall length (exernal) 5.9m
Overall width (external) 2.4m
Overall height 2.7m
Drinking water capacity 50 litres
Toilet water capacity 19 litres


Maximise On-Site Comfort with Welfare Van Hire from KDM Hire

In the dynamic environment of construction sites, outdoor events, and remote project locations, ensuring the comfort and welfare of your team is paramount. KDM Hire’s Welfare Van provides a comprehensive solution, designed to meet the essential needs of your workforce wherever they are. Our Welfare Van hire service is tailored to support teams by providing a safe, comfortable space for breaks, meetings, and essential amenities on the go.


Why Choose KDM Hire for Your Welfare Van Needs?

Our Welfare Vans are meticulously designed to cater to the needs of teams requiring on-site support facilities. With an overall length of 5.9m, a width of 2.4m, and a height of 2.7m, these vans offer ample space to accommodate up to 8 personnel comfortably. The vans are equipped with a 50-litre drinking water capacity and a 19-litre toilet water capacity, ensuring that basic hygiene and refreshment needs are met with ease.


Key Features of Our Welfare Van Hire Service

Comprehensive Amenities: Each van comes equipped with a range of facilities including comfortable seating, a kitchenette, toilet, and handwashing facilities, making it a versatile option for various site requirements.

Mobility and Accessibility: The compact and mobile design of our vans allows them to be easily deployed to even the most remote or restricted sites, ensuring your team has access to welfare facilities wherever they are working.

Health and Safety Compliance: Our vans are designed to meet the highest standards of health and safety, providing a secure and hygienic environment for your team to take their breaks and regroup.

Cost-Effective Solution: Hiring a Welfare Van from KDM Hire is a cost-effective way to provide essential on-site amenities without the need for permanent structures, offering flexibility and convenience for project managers and event organisers alike.


Welfare Van Hire Near Me

At KDM Hire, we understand the importance of maintaining high morale and productivity among your team by ensuring their welfare needs are met. Our vans are an ideal solution for construction sites, outdoor events, and any project requiring temporary on-site facilities. With our vans available at all our depots, our customers can conveniently obtain the equipment they need, supporting optimal productivity and efficiency for their operations.


Get in Touch for Welfare Van Hire

Elevate the standard of your on-site welfare provisions with KDM Hire. Contact us today to learn more about our Welfare Van hire options and how we can assist in making your project a success. Our team is ready to provide you with expert advice and tailored solutions to meet your specific welfare requirements.

Download Technical Information
Welfare Van

Welfare Vans

Welfare facilities and mobility – all in one – the latest concept in site facilities.These fully compliant vehicles are the perfect solution when you require welfare facilities for highway maintenance, utilities work, green field or remote sites.

The Welfare Van provides seating with three point seat belts for up to eight people, a dedicated canteen area with microwave, sink and water boiler plus a fully flushing WC in a private toilet area. The unit also boasts a drying area, a full size sink with hot and cold running water plus adequate storage space for hand tools and equipment.

Welfare vans are based on a long wheel base, high roof 125 PS Ford Transit. To ensure your comfort and flexibility all vans are fitted with reverse alarms, full central locking and tow bars.

  • Full flush toilet
  • Seating for up to 8 people
  • Fully equipped canteen
  • Full size sink with hot and cold water
  • Clothes drying area
  • Rear Chapter 8 chevron markings

7 & 8 seat options available

  • Welfare facilities & mobility all in one
  • Fully HSE & CDM compliant
  • Fully compliant crash tested seating
  • High spec vehicles for added comfort
Applications and Uses
  • Highway Maintenance
  • Utilities work
  • Green field sites
  • Remote locations

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