Technical Information

Sizes available

8′ x 6’/2.5, x 1.5m

12′ x 10’/3.7m x 3m

20′ x 10’/6m x 3m

28′ x 10’/9m x 3m

36′ x 10’/11m x 3m



Executive Cabin Range

Our Premier Space range offers the highest levels of specification and energy efficiency along with an enhanced modern style and finish for the most prestigious applications and uses. Premier space units can be designed and custom-built to suit your requirements for long term rental periods.

With standard features such as low energy lighting, higher insulation levels, additional windows for more natural light, data trunking and window blinds, you can be sure of the utmost levels of comfort and spacious environments.

Premier space cabins have been designed with semi-permanent applications in mind but providing a much more flexible alternative to permanent structures, allowing you to feel totally at home.

  • Bespoke facia
  • Customised colours
  • Various configurations
  • Custom built design


Customise your Cabin

Executive cabins can be customised to meets your
corporate requirement’s, custom design options
include various window configurations, colours,
bespoke facia along with stacking or linking

  • Standard Features
  • High quality fittings
  • Enhanced thermal insulation – lower U values
  • Anti-glare LED lighting
  • Low energy light sensors
  • Outside lighting
  • High quality floor finishes
  • Data trunking with multiple sockets
  • USB charging points
  • Quality heating systems
  • Additional windows for more natural light
  • Double glazed tilt & turn windows
  • External Door vision panel
  • Window blinds
Applications and Uses


  • Home office
  • Additional office space
  • Class rooms or training rooms
  • Beauty salon’s or hairdressers
  • Laboratory’s or technicians’ rooms
  • Security/ car parking cabins
  • Car rental offices
  • Showrooms or retails spaces

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