Technical Information
S W L 150kg
Weight 9kg

Vacuum Slab Laying Dolly – 40260

The Vacuum Slab Laying Dolly is a revolutionary solution that transforms the back-breaking task of paving, laying slabs, or flags. Designed with innovation in mind, this dolly is equipped with a battery-powered manual vacuum slab lifter, empowering a single operator to work with unparalleled ease.

Experience the efficiency of one-man operation, eliminating the need for labor-intensive tasks. Say goodbye to the strain associated with laying flags or paving, as this vacuum slab laying dolly effortlessly handles the load. It operates on a rechargeable battery, ensuring continuous performance and minimizing downtime.

Choose the smarter way to tackle paving and slab laying projects with our Vacuum Slab Laying Dolly. It’s a game-changer in the construction industry, providing efficiency, ease of use, and enhanced productivity for your tasks.

  • One man operation
  • Takes the strain out of laying flags
  • Rechargeable battery powered
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£69.50 £34.50 £140.00

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