Technical Information
Product Code 70520
Output 45kVA
Battery 90 kWh
Passthrough Capacity 100A per Phase
Inputs 125A / 415V
Outlets 125A / 415V

32A / 415V

3 x 52A / 240V

Weight 4000kg
Dimensions L 2010mm / W 1200mm / H 2000mm

Hybrid Battery Power Unit

Product Code: 70520

Introducing the Hybrid Battery Power Unit: Your solution for meeting green targets effortlessly by simply linking the Hybrid Power Unit to an onsite generator and let the hybrid technology regulate power consumption on demand. When there is a low demand for power or the battery bank is fully charged, the generator will automatically switch off, allowing the batteries to supply the power. When the battery runs low or demand for power increases, the generator automatically starts to recharge. The Hybrid Power Unit efficiently stores spare energy when the generator is running to use later when the generator can be turned off.

Say goodbye to unnecessary fuel consumption and embrace a greener, quieter future with the Hybrid Power Unit.

  • Less fuel consumption
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced CO2
  • Less noise pollution
  • Can connect to solar kit

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