Technical Information

May vary depending on model

Internal Length 2.82m
Internal Width 1.6 / 1.3 between arches
Internal Height 1.7m
Overall Length 5.53m
Overall Height 2.83m
Overall Width 2.11m
Operating temperature +20° or -20°

Large Fridge Van

A spacious large fridge van designed to meet your goods transport needs. With a generous 1.7-meter walk-in height and over 2.8 meters in length, this large fridge van offers ample space to accommodate a wide range of products.

What sets this large fridge van apart is its fully adjustable temperature control, allowing you to maintain temperatures as high as +20°C or as low as -20°C. This versatility enables the transport of various goods, from frozen to heat-sensitive items, all in one vehicle.

For added convenience, split compartments are available, allowing you to carry goods with different ambient temperature requirements simultaneously. Additionally, an overnight standby plug-in option ensures your products remain in optimal condition during extended journeys.

  • Ability to heat & freeze products to +20° or -20°
  • Split compartments available to allow different ambient temperatures
  • Overnight standby plug-in option
  • Refrigeration telematics & data printing option available

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