Trailer & Tracked Boom Lifts

Discover the Versatility of Trailer & Tracked Boom Lifts at KDM Hire


In the dynamic world of construction, maintenance, and installation, the need for reliable and versatile powered access solutions is paramount. At KDM Hire, we understand this necessity and offer an extensive range of trailer and tracked boom lifts designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our carefully selected equipment ensures that no matter the task at hand, you have the right tool to achieve it efficiently and safely.

At KDM Hire, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of lifts that cater to various working heights and load capacities. From compact models perfect for indoor use or tight spaces to larger units designed for extensive outdoor projects, our fleet is equipped to handle it all.


The Advantages of Trailer & Tracked Boom Lifts


Trailer Boom Lifts: Ideal for projects requiring mobility and flexibility, our trailer boom lifts can be easily towed to various sites. They are perfect for tasks such as tree trimming, exterior painting, or any job where quick relocation is needed. With working heights that cater to a broad spectrum of requirements, these lifts provide an efficient solution for reaching those hard-to-access areas.


Tracked Boom Lifts: When the terrain gets tough, our tracked boom lifts shine. Designed to navigate through rough and uneven ground, these lifts offer stability and safety without compromising on reach. Whether you’re working on a construction site with challenging terrain or need to navigate through soft ground without causing damage.


Safety and Training;


At KDM Hire, safety is our top priority. We ensure all our equipment is maintained to the highest standards. Moreover, we offer comprehensive training courses for those looking to operate boom lifts safely and effectively. Our training programs are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to operate our equipment confidently. For more information on our training services, please visit our training page.


Why Choose KDM Hire?


Choosing KDM Hire for your powered access needs means selecting a partner committed to providing high-quality equipment and exceptional customer service. With our extensive range of trailer and tracked boom lifts, competitive pricing, and expert advice, we’re here to support your project from start to finish.


Feel free to contact us today for more information and advice. 

Understanding Boom Lifts and Spider Boom Lifts: Your FAQs Answered!


In the world of aerial work platforms, understanding the nuances between different types of lifts can significantly impact the efficiency and safety of your projects. Here, we delve into some frequently asked questions about boom lifts, spider boom lifts, and their applications.


Can Spider Boom Lifts Be Used on Uneven Ground?


Absolutely! Spider boom lifts are specifically designed for use on uneven terrain. Their adjustable outriggers can be individually set to different heights, ensuring the platform remains level and stable, even when the ground beneath is not.


What Are the Different Types of Boom Lifts?


Boom lifts can be broadly categorised into two types: telescopic and articulating. Telescopic boom lifts, or stick booms, have a straight arm that extends vertically, offering maximum height. We offer a wide range of boom lifts ranging from 15m all the way up to 33m.


Can anyone use a boom lift?


Regarding operation, not everyone can use a boom lift without proper training. Operating a boom lift requires specific knowledge and skills to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. In the UK, operators must undergo accredited training to gain the necessary qualifications for operating aerial work platforms. KDM Hire offers comprehensive training courses designed to equip individuals with the skills and certifications required to operate boom lifts safely and effectively. For more information on our training programs, please visit our training page: KDM Hire Training.


Do you need training to operate a boom lift?


To operate any size of boom lift, you are required to undergo training to ensure the safety of the operator and also those within the work area. In the UK it is essential for operators to complete an accredited training course that covers all to do with operating a boom lift. At KDM Hire, we offer a wide range of training courses designed to equip individuals to safely and effectively operate any size of boom lift.


How much is it to rent a boom lift?


At KDM Hire we have a wide range of boom lifts that are available to hire. We are committed to offering flexible and cost-effective solutions, and we invite you to reach out to us for a personalised quote!

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