Technical Information
Weight 29.6kg
Power Battery
Impact Energy 64 Joules


Discover the Power of Cordless Jack Hammer Hire at KDM Hire

Unlock the ultimate solution for your demolition and construction needs with our cordless jack hammer hire services at KDM Hire. Designed to offer unmatched efficiency and convenience, our selection of electric and cordless jackhammers is perfect for a wide range of applications, from breaking up concrete and asphalt to other heavy-duty tasks.


Why Choose Cordless Jack Hammer Hire from KDM Hire?

Versatility and Power: Our cordless jack hammers bring together the best of both worlds – the power you need to tackle tough jobs and the flexibility of cordless operation. Without the restriction of power cords, you can work freely in any location, making it ideal for sites without direct access to electrical outlets.

Efficiency on the Go: Equipped with the latest battery technology, our cordless jackhammers deliver long-lasting performance, ensuring you can keep working efficiently without constant recharges. This makes them perfect for extended use in remote areas or for projects where mobility is key.

Lightweight and User-Friendly: Despite their powerful performance, our cordless jack hammers are designed with user comfort in mind. Lightweight and easy to handle, they reduce operator fatigue, allowing you to work longer and more effectively.


Jackhammer Hire Near Me

At KDM Hire we offer our Cordless Jack Hammer hire from our Cookstown Depot, Castlereagh Depot & our Mallusk Depot. These locations ensure that you don’t have to travel too far, ensuring that you can work efficiently and effectively!


Ready to Hire?

We are here to elevate your demolition or construction project with our professional cordless jack hammer hire services at KDM Hire. Whether you’re undertaking a small DIY project or a large-scale commercial operation, our cordless jackhammers provide the power, convenience, and efficiency you need to get the job done right.

Cordless Jack Hammer

Product Code: 10430

These heavy-duty cordless jack hammers provide a massive 64 blow joules of impact energy for the toughest demolition applications with similar breaking power of traditional petrol, corded or even pneumatic alternatives.

  • Ideal for applications where mains power is unavailable
  • 64 joules of impact energy
  • Only 30kg
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1st Day Extra Day Weekly
£67.00 £67.00 £168.00

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