Technical Information
Max Lift Height 5.85m
Lift Capacity at Full Height 2,500kg
Max Forward Reach 3.40m
Lift Capacity at Full Reach 800kg
Turning Radius 3.30m
Width 1.82m
Lowered Height 1.92m
Weight 4,710kg
Power Source Diesel


Elevate Your Lifting Capabilities with Our Telescopic Forklift Hire

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and versatility on your site with our state-of-the-art 6m telescopic forklift. This piece of machinery is designed so that it can meet the rigorous demands of modern construction, industrial and agricultural projects. This forklift combines robust performance with precision control.


Key Features

  • Extended Reach: Achieve a maximum forward reach of 3.40m, with a lift capacity of 800kg at full extension. This feature allows for unrivalled flexibility in positioning loads precisely where needed, even in tight spaces.
  • Robust and Reliable: Weighing in at 4,710kg and powered by a reliable diesel engine, this machine is built to tackle the toughest tasks in various environments.


Why Choose Our Telescopic Forklift Hire?

  • Versatility: Perfect for a wide range of applications, from construction sites to warehouses and farms.
  • Efficiency: Increase your productivity with high lift capacities and reach capabilities.
  • Safety: Prioritise safety with our forklifts, designed with the operator in mind.
  • Flexibility: Available for short-term or long-term hire, tailored to your project needs.


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Telescopic Forklift Training

To ensure the safe and effective operation of our telescopic forklifts, we also offer comprehensive forklift training courses. These programs are designed to equip operators with the knowledge and skills required to operate the machinery safely, adhering to the latest health and safety standards. For more details on our training services, please visit our training page.


Frequently Asked Questions about Telescopic Forklift Hire

Q. What training do I need to use a telescopic forklift?

To operate a telescopic forklift safely and effectively, you’ll need to complete a specific training course designed for forklift and telehandler operators. KDM Hire offers a comprehensive Forklift Telehandler Operator Training course that covers all the essential skills and knowledge required. This training ensures operators are proficient in handling the machinery, understanding its mechanics, and adhering to safety protocols to prevent accidents on site.

Upon the completion of this training course, operators will be certified to operate these forklifts in a wide range of environments, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.


Q. What sizes of telescopic forklifts are there?

Regarding the sizes of telescopic forklifts available, KDM Hire provides a diverse range of options to suit different project requirements. Our fleet of forklifts includes sizes ranging from 6m9.5m, allowing you to find the perfect match for your specific needs. For more details on the sizes and specifications of our forklifts, please visit our Telescopic Forklifts Hire section.

Download Technical Information
MT625 Telescopic Forklift 6m

6m Telescopic Forklift

As your work conditions become increasingly demanding, this highly manoeuvrable compact machine is ideal for your site where space is at a premium, providing a loading capacity of 2500kg and a maximum lift height of 5.85m. The cab has been designed to offer excellent all round visibility and driver comfort plus easy access is provided by the low level door.

  • Capable of lifting 2.5t to 6m
  • Only 1.92m high
  • Only 1.82m wide
  • Supplied with buckets and forks as standard

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