Technical Information
S W L 400kg
Weight 38kg
Width/Size n/a


Raise Your Lifting Solutions with Excavator Magnet Rental from KDM Hire

At KDM Hire, we’re proud to offer an innovative solution to your lifting needs with our range of excavator magnet rentals, including hydraulic magnet hire and stone vacuum magnet hire. Designed to streamline operations in construction, recycling, and landscaping projects, our lifting magnets provide a powerful, efficient, and safe method for moving ferrous materials and stone slabs.


Why Choose KDM Hire for Your Stone Vacuum Magnet Rental Needs?

Our Stone Vacuum Magnet is perfect for a wide range of applications, thanks to the robust 400kg capacity! It is ideal for the construction and demolition sectors. Our Stone Vacuum Magnet is designed for the precise lifting and placement of heavy objects, making them an essential tool for landscaping and construction projects where meticulous handling is required.


Stone Vacuum Magnet Hire Near Me

At KDM Hire, our Cordless Stone Vacuum Magnet rental services are conveniently available from our depots in Cookstown, Castlereagh, and Mallusk. This strategic placement of our locations guarantees minimal travel for you, enabling a more efficient and effective workflow on your projects!


Magnet 400kg – Impressive Lifting Capacity


Our Stone Vacuum Magnet boasts a lifting capacity of up to 400kg. It is engineered to tackle the most demanding lifting tasks with ease. This impressive feature of our Stone Vacuum Magnet ensures that even the heaviest and most cumbersome materials can be moved safely and efficiently. This feature not only enhances the versatility of our magnets but also significantly increases productivity on site by enabling the quick and easy movement of heavy objects.


Ready to Transform Your Lifting Operations?

Discover the efficiency and safety benefits of our excavator magnet rental services at KDM Hire. Whether you’re lifting heavy ferrous materials or delicate stone slabs, our range of hydraulic and stone vacuum magnets are up to the task. Explore our selection today and find out how we can help streamline your operations with our powerful, reliable lifting solutions.

Stone Vacuum Magnet 400KG – 40260

This Stone Vacuum Magnet is ideal for lifting heavy stone or concrete products up to 400kg. Used with an excavator, handler or other lifting machine.

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