Technical Information
Width 610/850mm
Drum Width 850mm
Length 1,897mm
Compaction Force 72/36kN
Weight 1,595kg


Optimise Your Groundwork with Trench Roller Hire from KDM

KDM Hire introduces the robust and reliable trench roller, specifically designed for the challenging environments of trenches, excavations, and backfill applications. This trench roller is engineered to deliver superior compaction force, ensuring a solid and stable foundation for any construction or landscaping project.


Key Features of Our Trench Roller

Adaptable Width

Equipped with a variable width of 610mm to 850mm and a drum width of 850mm, our roller offers the flexibility to work in narrow spaces while providing effective compaction.

Powerful Compaction Force

With a compaction force of 72/36kN, it guarantees optimal soil solidity, suitable for various soil types and conditions.

Compact and Manoeuvrable

Despite its potent performance, the roller features a compact design, facilitating easy manoeuvrability and transport.

Built for Durability

Weighing 1,595kg, it’s constructed to endure the demands of heavy-duty usage, ensuring both reliability and longevity on-site.


Why KDM Hire Stands Out for Trench Roller Rentals

KDM Hire is committed to offering high-quality, well-maintained trench rollers that meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Our equipment is regularly serviced to ensure peak performance, making us the go-to choice for projects ranging from small residential to large commercial sites. Our roller hire service is designed to provide the essential tools you need for effective ground compaction.


For detailed information on our roller hire services or to discuss your project requirements, get in touch with our expert team today. Partner with KDM Hire to lay a solid foundation for your next construction or landscaping project.

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Trench Roller Specifications

Trench Roller

Product Code: 20770

Trench rollers are designed for the compaction of clay, soil or gravels in confined spaces or below ground where personnel are prohibited from entering. They are operated via radio or cable remote control to allow the machine to be driven from a safe distance. The drums are fitted with pad feet to provide traction and allowing the roller to access trenches via steep gradients.Trench Roller

  • Operated by a remote control
  • Pad feet to provide traction
  • Access trenches via steep gradients

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