Technical Information
Feature Size/Type Domestic Industrial
Dehumidification Capacity @75% 11l/24hr 60l/24hr
Operating Range Humidity 40 – 100% RH 40 – 100% RH
Operating Range Temperature 3 – 35oC 3 – 35oC
Power Supply 110V/240V 110V/240V
Air Flow Max 150m3/hr 510m3/hr
Weight 23kg 80kg

Building Dryers/Dehumidifiers 12030

For new build or renovation projects where moisture levels need reduced, these Dehumidifiers provide a most cost effective solution. Also suitable for flood damage or for reducing condensation after decorating or plastering.

  • Two sizes available
  • Extract up to 60l of moisture per 24 hour period
Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
Domestic £30.50 £14.50 £61.00
Industrial £50.00 £25.00 £101.00

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