Technical Information

Hydraulic Jack Pad

S W L H O L Weight Size
10t 12mm 1.4kg 43mm Closed Height
20t 11mm 3.1kg 51mm Closed Height
45t 16mm 6.8kg 66mm Closed Height

Hydraulic Low Cylinder

S W L H O L Weight Size
45ft 60mm 10.9kg 122mm Closed Height
90t 57mm 22.7kg 141mm Closed Height
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Hydraulic Pump 10t - 90t Spec Sheet

Hydraulic Cylinders & Pumps

Compact Hydraulic Cylinders are used for positioning or lifting heavy items. Ideal for confined spaces where normal jacks are not suitable. A range of accessories are available to suit most applications.

  • Up to 90t capacity
  • Ideal for confined spaces
Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
10t Jack Pad £21.00 £10.50 £42.00
20t Jack Pad £25.50 £13.00 £52.00
45t Jack Pad £31.00 £15.50 £62.00
45t Low Cylinder £31.50 £15.50 £62.00
90t Low Cylinder £69.50 £34.50 £139.00
Had. Hand Pump £34.00 £17.00 £69.00
2 Way Manifold £7.00 £3.00 £14.00
4 Way Manifold £11.00 £5.50 £23.00
Hydraulic Gauge £8.00 £4.00 £16.00
3m Extension Hose £7.00 £3.00 £14.00
6m Extension Hose £12.00 £6.00 £25.00

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