Technical Information
8t Fixed 16t Fixed
S W L 5/8t 10/16t
Length 5m 4m
Weight 294kg 462kg

Spreader Beams – 40740

Discover the versatility of our Spreader Beams, the perfect solution for lifting loads from a single suspension point, especially when the lifting points are spaced apart. These beams offer a reliable alternative to traditional two-leg chain slings, eliminating concerns such as chain slippage and bending forces.

Our Spreader Beams find application across various industries, including container handling, boat lifting, machinery removal, and precast concrete sections. Their adaptability shines in situations where headroom is limited, making them the preferred choice for efficient and safe lifting operations.

Experience the convenience and security of Spreader Beams, the go-to solution for professionals seeking a dependable, single-point lifting method for a wide range of loads. Simplify your lifting tasks while ensuring safety and precision with these versatile beams.

  • Suitable for containers, boats, machinery removal or precast concrete sections
  • Ideal where headroom is restricted
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1st Day Extra Day Weekly
£100.00 £50.00 £201.00

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